galway personal trainers

Chris, Trainer, Galway City Gym

Chris Mooney

I started my fitness journey with swimming. I swam competitively in Division 1 representing Connacht.

Training 12 times a week in the pool and a few S&C sessions thrown in on top.
Shortly there after picking up a dumbbell from S&C, I fell in love with resistance training.

Dropped swimming and continued a high level of training in the gym. Not having a S&C coach with me I had no idea what I was doing in the gym yet I showed up every day and continued to see results.

From there I continued to upscale my education on everything health and fitness and studied to become a Personal Trainer / Strength & Conditioning coach.

I’ve trained many clubs in all different sports from GAA to Triathlons clubs and everything in between.
Worked in many different gyms and leisure centres across Galway picking up an array of knowledge and experience.

My journey as of now continues in @GalwayCityGym and i can honestly say that it is light years ahead of its time. The wealth of knowledge under one roof is hard to come by. The atmosphere is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Generations interacting with generations with a collective overall goal of improving themselves.
Simply walking in the door and looking at all the trophies and pictures of athletes leaves you motivated to train.

My name is Chris [@3iChris] and if you ever catch me in Galway City Gym be sure to say iyaa and never be shy to ask for advice regarding anything health and fitness.

Arthur, Trainer, Galway City Gym

Arthur O'Connor

Throughout my six years of experience in the industry, I have explored many different methods and have been lucky enough to work with some great mentors to build my knowledge as a coach. 

As a coach, at the moment, my goal is to help busy working professionals live better lives. I am here to make you feel confident in your body by not being restricted to an unsustainable diet and make you feel amazing through a sustainable lifestyle change.

I have competed in bodybuilding shows in the past but focused on maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle.

John Carney

A qualified PT who specialises in body composition.

I have worked with many different types of people from middle-aged women to helping men’s physique competitors win 1st place trophies. This is all done through diet, training, cardio and mindset.

I have also played soccer for years and competed in bodybuilding competitions myself a few years back.

Jason Cafferkey

Laura Ray

David Mc Donagh

I was first introduced to weight training 34 years ago at the age of 17 when I joined Galway City Gym. But my passion for health and fitness began earlier on in my life when I took up boxing at the age of 11 and boxed novice for 6 years. I also took up Muay Thai in my late 30’s and went on to fight professional at the age of 44. I’m a graduate of the University of Limerick with an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise and Fitness and I also hold qualifications from the NCEF (National Council for Exercise and Fitness) and a National Diploma in Personal Training from the NSC (National Sports College).


I train naturally, supplement free and rely on a clean focused diet plan and purposeful training for myself and my clients. I’ve covered a lot of different training systems from Powerlifting to Physique Training.

Ranjit Dhillon

Fitness is a big part of my life. I have always put 100% into what I love to do and this is it.

I love pushing people to there limits and just giving them the results they want.

I have competed in a number of men’s physique competitions doing very well every show under the wing of John Carney a great coach, all my success is thanks to this man.

I have learned so much over the years diet and training methods that work for me and I’m still learning to this day.

James Barry