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So before Uplift I was 12 months I was working in a fitness studio, running classes & bootcamps for ladies based around Galway city. Ive always been very active, a competitive swimmer and badminton player, an enthusiast footballer, and an Irish champion in squash and hockey.

Going into the fitness industry hasn’t only suited me, it feels like it’s what I was made for. I’ve always loved working out myself and have a passion for health and fitness but I found my biggest satisfaction came from training the amazing women I’ve met along the way.

In the past couple of years, I’ve attained all my certificates and become qualified in the following areas of health and fitness:

Personal Training, Gym Instructor, Outdoor Training, Group Circuit Training, Cardio performance, Physique & BodyBuilding coach, Nutrition & Supplements.

Ive worked with over 150 women, each an individual and each with different objectives and every single time we have reached their goals together.

I am almost two years into uplift now and I can so honuredly say I am constantly busy.

Uplift is so much more than leg days, arm days, chest days, macro counting etc, but is focused on the overall well-being of clients & based on the promise that as a consequence of working with me – you’ll achieve the health and happiness of body & mind that you strive for.

I want to ensure a high level of professionalism, coupled with focused ambitions for my clients.

Here’s to another great year ahead for me and my girls and guys🙂

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Isabelle Mortimer