Chris [@MKMoono]@MKMoono

“I started my fitness journey with swimming. I swam competitively in Division 1 representing Connacht.

Training 12 times a week in the pool and a few S&C sessions thrown in on top.
Shortly there after picking up a dumbbell from S&C, I fell in love with resistance training.

Dropped swimming and continued a high level of training in the gym. Not having a S&C coach with me I had no idea what I was doing in the gym yet I showed up every day and continued to see results.

From there I continued to upscale my education on everything health and fitness and studied to become a Personal Trainer / Strength & Conditioning coach.

I’ve trained many clubs in all different sports from GAA to Triathlons clubs and everything in between.
Worked in many different gyms and leisure centres across Galway picking up an array of knowledge and experience.

My journey as of now continues in @GalwayCityGym and i can honestly say that it is light years ahead of its time. The wealth of knowledge under one roof is hard to come by. The atmosphere is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Generations interacting with generations with a collective overall goal of improving themselves.
Simply walking in the door and looking at all the trophies and pictures of athletes leaves you motivated to train.

My name is Chris [@MKMoono] and if you ever catch me in Galway City Gym be sure to say iyaa and never be shy to ask for advice regarding anything health and fitness.