The gym reopened Monday the 29th of June. With this, comes a lot of different rules, regulations and procedures in place to make it as safe  for everyone to return to the gym. Please read all below carefully.

First off is our responsibility is to look after all our existing members, so currently, we have a waiting list for taking on new long term members.

Day Passes

Our day passes are still available to all, Student €7, normal €10. With Day passes you can dropin into the gym at any time, pay and then train.

Current members 

On your memberships, don’t worry they will only be reactivated when you return to the gym. If you have an upfront membership, as already agreed we will extend the missing time that was lost due to lockdown

To use the gym from next week onwards it will be a different set up from before lockdown occurred. To use the gym for the next few weeks an appointment booking system will be in place. Each member will need to book their preferred time slot online via the app. There will be a limited number of time slots available each day so booking will depend on you booking it online in time before all the spaces are unavailable and booked out. Each session will last 75 mins with 15 mins of cleaning after each session before the next group of members come in for their appointments. There will be 15 members in the gym for each session. One session per person each day. You have to book online via the app you will not be able to book it by phone or in the gym. You can book up to 7 days in advance, it is a rolling daily system so when a day is completed another is added to the end. If booking for the 29th and 30th of June and you wish to book the 1st of July and further just make sure to change the month to July to see these days, this will be the same at the end of all months   Please do not show up to the gym without an appointment slot nor show up to the gym and ask a staff member to let you use the gym

We will be having a specific time period during the day, the 1.30pm time slot, Monday to Friday for the elderly (over 70 years of age) and the vulnerable. No one else can use the gym in that time period so please do not book yourself in this time slot because if you come and you are not eligible you will not be allowed to train. Anyone who is in this category needs to book their spot online as there will be a limited number of spaces available, 20 people max

This app is for members only, do not share this app with anyone else. If a non member books an appointment on this app and shows up to the gym they will be refused entry. If you do not show up to 2 appointments in one calendar month you will be temporarily blocked off from booking another appointment for a period of time before being able to book another appointment. If you need to cancel you must do so at least 24 hours before the appointment so you do not get a black mark on your account. The reason for this is to make sure everyone gets a chance to train

When you get to the gym for your appointment, be there on time. Stay in your car until you see the staff member opening the front door for you. Please file in to the gym whilst following social distancing guidelines

On entering the gym you need to use the hand sanitizer provided, you then swipe your card. Please always try to bring your swipe card with you each time. After that, we will have gloves provided if you want to wear gloves. If you want to wear a mask please bring your own, they won’t be provided by the gym.

You will come to the gym prepared and ready to train with only keys, phone, wallet, purse, towel etc with you. You can use the small lockers to store these items, do not leave anything around the gym unattended or behind the gym counter with staff. Only small bags will be allowed in the gym which is to be left in the corner of the studio. Showers will be able to be used for the last 15 mins of that session for the first 3 people who want them. Only 3 people will be allowed in the showers. If you want to use the showers you will need to inform a member of staff and they let you use them if there aren’t 3 people already using them. You then can collect your bag from the studio and bring it into the changing room with you to have your shower. The doors will be locked with a digital code. You will still have to be out of the gym by the end of the 75 mins even if you are using the showers

Wipe down each piece of equipment you touch, before and after using it. Use the hygiene stations provided all around the gym which includes disposable paper towels and the spray bottles to wipe everything down. When you use the spray it needs to be left on for at least 30 seconds before being wiped down. Be conscious of your own hygiene and use a towel on any piece of equipment that has seating or if lying on a mat in the gym. Do not use your towel to wipe your face and then wipe down a machine, please use the cleaning products provided. If coughing or sneezing it is compulsory to aim it into your elbow as recommended by the HSE.

If you are using the boxing bag make sure to use your own gloves, no glove sharing. Pad work is allowed to be done but there is no sparring allowed for the foreseeable future. No boxing gear will be provided by the Galway City Gym and no boxing gear can be left on the premises

Single-use of machines and equipment for each member. That means you can’t use different machines, barbells, dumbbells, pieces of gym equipment at the same time. No cross-contamination is allowed.

If you need help or a spot with any of your lifts just ask a staff member to help with this. Only staff members are allowed to assist or give spots to members

Social distancing procedures will be applied inside the gym by having a certain amount of space between each machine where possible and turning off any machine or putting any piece of equipment out of order that obstructs the social distancing guidelines. Members need to be aware of the other members using the gym and continue to apply the social distancing guidelines set out by the HSE. Staff will be monitoring this during the session

Once 70 mins have gone in the session a member of staff will inform the members that there is only 5 mins left. We need to get everyone out on time before we do our 15 mins clean up and get the other members in for their session without anyone crossing each other exiting the gym

The key points are, that if you are looking to use the gym you need to book in an appointment time slot online via the app, you need to be COVID 19 symptom-free, you come prepared to train, follow social distancing guidelines in the gym and get your session done on time before the 75 mins are over

There is a couple of forms here that we need you to read before using the gym which we will attach with this email

I know this is completely new to us all and that it is going to be completely different than before but we all need to work together and be patient so we can make this a success and keep everyone safe and happy. We all need to do our part so please bear with us in these difficult times. We will get through with your help



Compulsory: please read this self declaration questionnaire where applicable regarding Covid-19, confirming the following:

if you answer no to any of these questions please let us know

  • Have you read the protocols for using the facility?

  • Do you understand the risks involved and your role in minimising that risk?

  • Do you understand and acknowledge the risks involved?

  • Are you clear of Covid-19 symptoms?

  • Are you sure you have not been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19?

In the case that members who may have had Covid-19 in the past and recovered should contact their GP for medical advice before undertaking high intensity exercise and then show us proof that you are cleared to train

Temporary new gym rules:

  1. Hand sanitiser to be used first thing upon entering the gym and exiting the gym

  2. Members must arrive at the gym ready to train with their gym clothing on. Towels are compulsory.  No bags allowed. Small lockers to be used for keys, phones, wallets, etc

  3. Changing rooms are restricted for only bathroom and hand washing use only. No changing, no showers, no sauna, no shaving

  4. Each session will be 75 mins long for each member who books a time slot online off the app

  5. Members need to wipe down each piece of equipment before use with the cleaning equipment provided (spray bottles and paper towels)

  6. Towels need to be placed on each piece of gym equipment. Towels not to be used to clean equipment

  7. Members need to wipe down each piece of equipment after use with the cleaning equipment provided (spray bottles and paper towels)

  8. Sneezing and coughing etiquette – members must cover their mouth by coughing or sneezing into their elbow

  9. Gloves – are optional to wear for members

  10. Masks – are optional to wear for members but need to provide their own when using the gym

  11. Cleaning stations will be placed all around the gym to keep the gym as hygienic as possible while members are using the gym

  12. There will be 15 mins of cleaning/wiping surfaces that people touch after each 75 min session by staff

  13. Social distancing will be in place in the gym

  14. One piece of gym equipment allowed for use per member at a time- no multi use of barbells, dumbbells or machines

  15. Spotting prohibited (only staff allowed to spot members)

  16. Only boxing bag and pad work allowed, no sparring allowed

  17. If any member is feeling any Covid 19 related symptoms prior to coming to the gym please stay at home and let us know that you will not be able to make your appointment session that day

  18. If you feel any Covid 19 related symptoms coming on you in the gym please inform a member of staff right away

  19. Leave the gym on time so you won’t be delaying the staff cleaning up the gym afterwards that may possibly delay the next appointment

  20. Use the hand sanitizer on your way out of the gym at the end of your session