Here is the current protocol in the gym that we follow:
  • the system of booking slots isn’t needed anymore so you can now come in at any time you want to train and there is no time limit on sessions. There is enough space in the gym for everyone to train safely and adhere to social distancing
  • Changing rooms and shower areas will be open to anyone who is comfortable using them
  • You will be able to leave your bag in the changing room again like in the past if you want
  • the men’s sauna will be open again to anyone who is comfortable using it. Max 2 people at once.
These are the rules for the foreseeable future. The success of this will come down to members being responsible for adhering to social distancing guidelines in the gym and along with gym etiquette. As mentioned above the changing areas, showers and sauna will be available for anyone who is comfortable using them. If you don’t want to use any of the facilities mentioned and just want to come in, train and go, that’s completely fine and up to you.
With regards to wiping down equipment, we will have the usual sanitize stations all around the gym with spray bottles and fresh cloths. So once you come into the gym you will get a cloth for that day to wipe down the machines you use along with the spray. You will use this cloth for wiping down all the equipment you use and then on your way out leaving the gym you will drop it in the bin which will be for all the used cloths that day. We will have enough cloths and we will also be washing them regularly so every time you come to the gym you will receive a clean fresh cloth to use
  • sanitize hands before entering the gym
  • wipe down any gym equipment you use
  • adhere to social distancing when needed, and give people enough space. 
  • If members don’t adhere to this they may be asked to leave the gym.